Rapes in India: Are we looking at just the tip of the iceberg?

Where are the Indian women safe and what age group is vulnerable to such psycho rapists? An infant baby girl, 3-years, 5-years, 10-years, a teenager, a young girl, a married woman, a pregnant lady, a woman in her 40’s, an old lady- which age group of Indian women is safe? And where the hell is she safe- her own home, neighborhood, school bus, playschool, high school, colleges, offices, roads, trains- where? Is there absolutely no place for the Indian women?

A single incident of “brutal” rape agitates the Indian masses and unfortunately, our ministers do very little to put the situation under control. It saddens me to see how a 5-year old little “baby” (yes! She is still a baby) in just a matter of a few days turns into a rape “victim.” And the worst part is that instead of looking at the underlying cause of increasing rapes in India, unproductive media industry of our country starts panel discussions on all the baseless issues. What I believe is that, we are looking at the tip of the iceberg, while the problem is really deep-rooted somewhere.

And by the way, what are these discussions about the states?

A headline breaks: 5-year-old girl brutally raped in Delhi.

And our so-called productive, constructive and “aware” youth starts updating Facebook statuses like “Delhi should be declared as the Rape Capital of India.” My question is why? A crime is a crime, whether in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai or Kolkata. Crime should be seen as a crime. Oh! But then, when I discussed about it with someone, that person told me that the focus on Delhi increases because it is the national capital. So does that mean that an equally brutal rape of a girl child would not have received the “limelight” if it happened in any other Indian state? Phewww!!!

Then, another headline breaks: Manoj Kumar (the accused) was arrested from his native village in Bihar.

And again our so-called “responsible” Indian media and yes, the highly “aware” youth that “believes” to know everything in the world, will start updating and commenting on the “character of the Biharis.” Again, I believe that an accused is an accused, whether a Bihari, Marathi, Punjabi or anyone else! Then why this stupid discussion over the region of the accused?

Why on earth are we looking at the “tip of the iceberg” as I call it? And I definitely feel saddened over the way Indian media reports. Bloody opportunity seekers, news-hungry people are not leaving a stone unturned in revealing all the personal details of the little baby, who doesn’t even know what she went through. And for how long? A week, 15-days, a month- how long? Well, may be till people forget or rather “lose interest” in the “topic.” A perfect example of the media reporting came in when a newspaper report explained that parents of the missing daughters are “now” concerned over their lost kids. What does “now” mean, by the way? Weren’t they equally concerned when their little daughters went missing from the home? So, where was this newspaper report about the missing girl children before the rape of this 5-year old baby (sorry! I won’t call her a “victim”)? And now, I am sure, the headlines will go somewhat like “5-year-old girl awakens the conscience of the missing-daughters’ parents!” Whoa! Isn’t it amazing how we look at the things?

We Indians are so adaptive that when something wrong happens, instead of standing up for our rights, we start taking it for granted! Nirbhaya happened- our reactions- “Ohh that’s sad! I will not let my daughter stay in the dark for long!” Gudiya happened-our reactions- “Ohh! Another Nirbhaya with the similar fate? Well, this is becoming an everyday scene in India. Thank god, at least my daughter is safe!” Lord bless my India and our typical Indian mentality!

What I have personally observed is that India is a nation obsessed with one word- sex! Sex, we need to understand is the biological need of the body. While, in India boys and girls have been taught to stay away from each other right from the beginning, foreign nations, on the other hand, instead of binding the boys and girls separately in their cocoon, leave them with a broad mind; while at the same time teaching them to respect womenfolk! I am not trying to say that in foreign nations, the number of rapes are any less, but lets face it, we are still way ahead of these nations in crimes against women because we look at women only as a subject of “curiosity”, a subject of “sex.”

And rapes, I see, are a result of rural upbringing. If our legends say that real India lives in the villages, I am sorry to say that we are presenting this image of our “snake-charming nation” to the world! While, urbanization is taking place at a very rapid pace and the urban people are opening up their minds in a great way; rural Indian men, on the other hand, have still been deprived of a broad and open thinking. An increasing gap between urban and rural thinking, is what might be leading to increasing number of crimes against women.  An increasing gap between urbanization and ruralization is a cause of rising crimes against women in India.

Unfortunately, our “typical-Indian mentality” is acting like a hindrance for the development of our country. Its like, Sheikh Chilli axing the branch on which he sat! Our Indian thought is unfortunately bringing us down.

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