Cindrella and the Shooting Stars: A Tale of Believing in Your Dreams

Every one of you perhaps know Cindrella for her lost shoes that changed her life forever. It was because of her “life-changing” shoes that she met her Prince Charming. But today, I will tell you yet another Cindrella story- the fairy tale of “Cinderella and the Shooting Stars.”

Cindrella, a sweet little shy girl was her mother’s pet out of all the kids. Her mother adored her the most, talked with her the most and fulfilled all her wishes even without asking. She was her mother’s sweet little angel. Her mother often talked to her about the beautiful world, wishes coming true and most of all, about the shooting stars that broke to help people realize their wishes. Sleeping everyday to the tale of the shooting stars and wishes coming true, Cindrella was convinced that somewhere up in the sky, there were umpteen shooting stars, each one meant to fulfill everyone’s wishes. But she didn’t know how many shooting stars came into everyone’s life’s account! She had heard about shooting stars a lot of times from her mother and she grew up with the wish to make a wish from the shooting star, at least once in her life! She was absolutely convinced that there was one, if not many, shooting star in her destiny as well and that if she made a wish from it, it would definitely come true.

Unfortunately though, till her teen years, she hadn’t seen a single shooting star and so her craving to see the one, grew unbelievably. By the time, she was 20; she was almost completely infatuated with the notion of the shooting stars and the wishes coming true from them. She wanted to see at least one shooting star, once in her lifetime.

One day, Cindrella was sitting alone, unhappy in the beautiful garden full of Roses and Orchids. The moonlit and starlit night up above her head was profound and was silently making a promise to her, while she was sad! The fragrance of the roses filled the garden with even more beauty and the deep shimmering blue light spread in the garden was just mesmerizing. Despite so much beauty around her, Cindrella felt gloomy just because she didn’t see a shooting star (the tales of which she grew up with), not even once, in her life!

Tears started rolling down her eyes and just when her vision was blurred with the drenched eyes, she saw someone forwarding her. She cleared her eyes with the almost-negligible sobs. She saw a very handsome prince standing in front of her. The prince kneeled down and saw Cindrella. Just when their eyes met, the world stopped! The clock stopped ticking, the crickets in the garden stopped chirping and everything came to a standstill. It was just the Cindrella and the Prince. In a matter of a few seconds, they fell in love with each other. The Prince gave her his hand and she immediately held it, not to leave it till the end of her life. They were meant for each other and the beautiful ambience, moonlit and starlit sky was the bystander of their union.

The Prince tilted his head to kiss Cindrella. He wanted to make the moment, the most special one. As they kissed, a shooting star fell from the sky and Cindrella saw the first-ever shooting star of her life. Without asking, her most special wish came true and the shooting star was the testimony of her wish. Tears again rolled down her eyes as she stood by the side of her Price, the most special person of her life now! Her belief in the shooting stars was reinforced and she knew that the shooting stars fell from the sky to make the wishes come true.

The Cindrella story is about someone’s belief. It tells us that if we believe in something, it is bound to happen, no matter how impossible it seems. Even the most unbelievable beliefs of a person can come true magically by simply believing in them. So, believe in the belief, in the dream that you grew up with and one day, it will definitely come true!

Published by akanksha89

Writing for me is another word for 'breathing.' It is my addiction and I wish and hope that this addiction takes me far in realizing my dream of being a very successful writer. I believe in laughter with my friends, dipping into my thoughts and extracting some really powerful and inspiring stories. I believe in living free, spending each day with a lot more courage and strength. I love lone reading and my dream is to have a beautiful huge library in a home, with a coffee vending machine in the corner and a bean bag where I can just sit and read whatever I want- no one to disturb and no one to intrude my privacy, my "me-time." Keep Reading!! Disclaimer: All the stories on this blog are purely a work of fiction and writer's own imagination and are not copied from anywhere else. DO NOT COPY any of these stories. Also, all the characters of the stories are purely a work of fiction and imagination and have no resemblance to any person living or dead. The stories on this page are meant for recreational purpose and for readers' interest. Any action taken by any of the reader (after reading any of the story) is utterly their own responsibility.

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