Ticket From Girlhood To Womanhood

Usual course of household cleaning was going on. It was just another day for her. Nothing special, nothing boring- just the usual one. After the room was cleaned, she washed her hands, wiped them off with the hand towel and picked the keys of her cabinet. The clothes in that cabinet had been waiting since long to be arranged immaculately in a queue or in hangers. She inserted the key, twisted it in the clock-wise direction, and a few clothes jumped out of the cabinet, as if on cue. “Pheww!” she exclaimed. The cleaning and organizing of things is still not over. There is a whole lot bundle lying here, that needs to be arranged.

She sat on the ground- procrastinating a bit- thinking where to begin from. The bottom-most shelf or the top-most? “Now that I am sitting here, let me begin from the bottom-most shelf,” she self-talked. Suddenly, her eyes stuck to a dress. Her discovery of an old wedding dress in the lower-most shelf, that she wore that day, compelled her to walk down a few miles on the memory lane- a few years ago.

She was no longer a 38 year old Meera. Her thoughts made her young once again, at least in her head. She was once again a 25 year old bride glammed up; waiting to get married to her prince charming and anticipating a life full of roses. ‘A Life Full of Roses’- really? She came back to the 38-year old self- now much more mature than what she was when she wore that dress. She had 13 years of experience from the social institution called marriage; at which she is still a student and is learning new things almost everyday.

One thing that she has truly learnt is that marriage is not a life full of roses; but also, it is not a bush of thorns. Its a mixed patch. Its like, ever since she has entered the nuptials, she is just brisk walking, sometimes running; but seldom sitting. Marriage, she has learnt, with whatever wisdom she has, is a garden- no matter how many roses you wish to sow, you are bound to get patches of thorns. You cannot avoid it. How can you? Even God hasn’t done that.

A few things may sometimes hit like a heavy stone. And sometimes, the same things may sound like a usual conversation. Depends. Really depends on the mood. Having apprehensions about the veracity of this bond is something that may appear every now and then; but in really wonderful moments, you will self-slap behind your head and say to your ownself-“Foolish! This wedding thing is awesome!”

However, one thing is for sure- marriage changes you like nothing else; especially if you are a girl. Meera has learnt this from the institution since Day 1. You are no longer a girl. You are a woman. And surprisingly, this evolution from a girl to a woman has taken place in just a matter of one day- your wedding date! You no longer remain a girl that is expecting tenderness and complete attention from the entire home. You are a woman- just like your mother.

Ever looked at your Maa and thought how she transformed from a girl to a woman- a stronger one that she appears today? There has been a sacrifice and a struggle behind her present womanhood.

She has successfully passed a test of time, where sometimes she had to let go of her dreams and a million hidden aspirations which now remain buried somewhere in the debris of a lot of thoughts in her heart. Sometimes she was compelled to think that if she was just thinking about herself and her career, she was selfish and also, where sometimes she was forced to talk to herself in her mind and think whether it was really her fault. A lot of times, she has just been flatly hurt so much that she cried herself to nights before being a usual, compassionate, much stronger woman. Behind a beautiful woman we call our mother, there has been a more amazing girlhood that had to be left.

You cannot keep clutching to girlhood and think that you too, will one day, be a strong woman like your mother is today, because we all know one fact- a diamond shines beautifully because it has passed through sharp tools and has been cut immaculately to appear what it is today! This diamond is precious and has more value than anything else today, and that is because only diamond knows its history.

Published by akanksha89

Writing for me is another word for 'breathing.' It is my addiction and I wish and hope that this addiction takes me far in realizing my dream of being a very successful writer. I believe in laughter with my friends, dipping into my thoughts and extracting some really powerful and inspiring stories. I believe in living free, spending each day with a lot more courage and strength. I love lone reading and my dream is to have a beautiful huge library in a home, with a coffee vending machine in the corner and a bean bag where I can just sit and read whatever I want- no one to disturb and no one to intrude my privacy, my "me-time." Keep Reading!! Disclaimer: All the stories on this blog are purely a work of fiction and writer's own imagination and are not copied from anywhere else. DO NOT COPY any of these stories. Also, all the characters of the stories are purely a work of fiction and imagination and have no resemblance to any person living or dead. The stories on this page are meant for recreational purpose and for readers' interest. Any action taken by any of the reader (after reading any of the story) is utterly their own responsibility.

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